West GA Mud Park Truck Registration Closes October 7

West GA Mud Park Truck Registration Closes October 7

We are rounding out our season with the best mega truck racers in the country the weekend of October 15 at West Georgia Mud Park. 

We will be closing registration for the Mega Truck Series Race on Oct 15, at West GA Mud Park, this Friday, Oct 7 at 5p EST. IF you have not spoken with someone on our Staff by this time, You WILL NOT RACE. The current list is as follows. There are a few people not on this list we have individually spoken to. But if you are planning to race, email ashley@redmilemedia.com.  We’ll see you soon!

1. Mark Hurston (GA) – Runnit
2. Matt Bonnette (SC) – Slimetime
3. Kyle Keller (TX) – Hot Dog
4. Ricky Thompson (GA) – Invader
5. Barry Thompson (GA) – Intruder
6. Chris Libak (FL) – Animalistic
7. David Tison (FL) – Sweat This
8. Adam Ford (SC) – Shell Shock
9. Randy Priest (GA) – Quikstick
10. Dustin Rogers (GA) – Armageddon
11. Kyle Adams (GA) – Gunsmoke
12. Joey Adams (GA) -Geronimo
13. Art Peifer (TX) – Under 20
14. Craig Graham (FL) – Blown Crazy
15. Jonathan Riley Parham (GA) – Plum Crazy
16. Jim Erb (FL) – Ironhide
17. Michael Thompson (GA) – All In
18. David Coulter (FL) – Monsterado
19. Bryan Holmes (TX) – Blowin 20
20. Steven Holmes (TX)- Lone Ranger
21. Alan McCafferty (FL) – Crankin
22. Laci Meeks (GA) – Nasty Girl
23. Dustin Ramacher (MI) – Above All
24. Kaleb Edwards (MI) – Hillbilly Deluxe (AKA ReckIt Racing)
25. Scott Sweat (FL) – No Sweat
26. Scott Smith (GA) – Mudivation
27. Jake Burton (OH) – Wild Child (AKA Burton Creative Motorworks)
28. John Gordon (GA) – Blown Money

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