2017 Qualifying Rule Change

After careful consideration of survey data and feedback MTS has made the following changes. Qualifying has been removed for the MTS. Below is the following procedure for signing up to race with the MTS.

1. Grandfathered Racers get first option to sign up before opening registration to the public. You are required to pay your $100 entry fee if you reserve a spot for a race.

*Grandfathered Racer -definition- a racer that was exempt from the past qualifying rule or a racer that has raced a MTS event in 2017 so far.

2. Registration spots available for any other racers will be determined by the balance of spots up to 25 racers after Grandfathered racers have signed up or passed on their spots.

3. The first racers to pay their entry fee once registration is open to the public will receive remaining spots for the current MTS race.

4. Registration will open 10 days prior to event date and will close as soon as 25 racers have filled the spots.

5. All registration is to go through Ashley. (ashley@redmilemedia.com)

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