Gearing Up for Rush!

Gearing Up for Rush!

What a weekend we (Mega Truck SeriesPro Rock RacingRush Off-Road,STR8 UP SXS Series) are preparing for. Seriously, the who’s who in extreme off road action. Here is a list of the Mega Trucks and Rock Racers that are coming plus 60, that’s right 60 SXS racers for the races with STR8 Up. Sponsors Galore, so make sure you are supporting those who support the sport. It is going to be insane!

Mega Trucks 
1. Chris Libak Animalistic
2. Craig Graham Blown Crazy
3. Joey Adams Geronimo
4. David Coulter Monsterado
5. Kyle Adams Gunsmoke
6. David Tison Sweat This
7. Matt Bonnette Slimetime
8. Shawn Goodeaux Louisianimal
9. Ricky Thompson Invader
10. Randy Priest Quick Stick
11. Sue Goodeaux Cajun Sling
12. Adam Ford Shell Shock
13. Barry Thompson Intruder 2.0
14. Ryan Camp Something Sick
15. Heath Combes Intoxicated
16. Jake Burton WildChild
17. Nathan McLaren Chemical Reaction
18. Kaleb Edwards Hillbilly Deluxe
19. Matthew Underwood HELLS BELLS

Rock Racers 
1. Travis Lovett
2. Randall Key
3. Jake Burkey
4. Weston Harkins
5. Katie Tidwell
6. Nathan Tidwell
7. Ryan Camp
8. Big Tim Bacon
9. Little Timothy Bacon II
10. AJ Rockwell
11. Brandon Davis
12. Pete Deck
13. Taylor Pickett
14. Brandon Dillon
15. Dale Larsen
16. Bobby Tanner
17. Timmie Cameron
18. Chris Coon
19. Cam Eutermarks
20. Jared Jerod Yankey
21. Addam Perdue
22. Breanna Molitor
23. Chad Molitor
24. Justin Plybon
25. Michael Farnsworth
26. Jonathan Andrews
27. Tony Palarie
28. Matt Schuessler
29. Kyle Crouch

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