2017 Rules and Regulations Released

2017 Mega Truck Series Rules

All Trucks Must Have 

  • Truck must have a body, hood, and panels, no open chassis trucks. Custom bodies are acceptable. (If you bust the body off your truck you will need to install some kind of panels for the next race)
  • No tires smaller than 14.9 Tractor Tires (V-Tread only must be at least 49 inches tall)
  • No 1-Ton Axles. You can run hybrid axles but the center section must be rated 2.5 ton or larger. (ex: Rockwell, F-106, Meritor, Axle-Tech)
  • Must have ignition kill switch within reach of driver while strapped in
  • Roll cage must be tied into the main frame with a minimum of 8 points.
  • You must have a front and rear attachment point for recovery. (Care will be taken, but We are not responsible for damage to your truck during recovery)
  • Fuel cell must be mounted outside of the cab.
  • A battery disconnect mounted on the rear of the truck.
  • Must have firewall between driver and engine
  • All trucks must have brakes and reverse.
  • One in cab Fire Extinguisher, (If you run Alcohol you must have the correct extinguisher for Alcohol)
  • Full driveshaft containment
**Mandatory Truck Inspections Prior to race**

All Drivers must Wear:

  • Safety Gear (If your safety gear is expired you will NOT be allowed to race)
  • Fire Suit one or two piece single layer is fine.
  • DOT Approved Full face helmet
  • Hans style neck restraint system, no foam collars
  • 5 point safety restraint harness
  • Not required for 2017 but recommended, Helmet communications. Rugged Radio sells kits to fit any helmet, or you can purchase a helmet with built in comms.

Track Rules/Safety:

  • Only one Driver and Crew Member will be allowed on the track.
  • If you hit a cone or specified barrier, you will receive a time penalty for each one hit. This will be up to track officials.
  • Any questions or complaints will be directed to track officials only. Their decision is final.
  • You must be strapped in helmet on and ready to race when it’s your turn. We will not hold the race up waiting for you to get ready. If you need more time, your one crew member can relay the message to a track official ahead of time, don’t wait until it’s your turn to let us know.

PIT Area/Race Team RULES:

  • Drivers are responsible for the behavior of their crew, families and children in the pit area. Please be respectful to other race teams at all times.
  • NO FIGHTING! If you fight you’re done, this goes for crew as well as drivers.
  • No cutting up or spinning out anywhere outside the race course. This includes the pits, the parking lot, gravel roads and any other low speed areas. You WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. All points and race winnings will be forfeited. Subject to race suspension.
  • All these rules WILL be followed at all times.
  • If you are caught breaking these rules you and your race team will be asked to leave the property, and no refunds will be given.
  • All racers are expected to be at the drivers meeting on time.

Competitors Racing:

  • Each race will be limited to 20 competitors.
  • The teams that raced in all 2016 events are locked in for 2017.
  • Registration will close one week before the race, EVERY TEAM MUST PRE-REGISTER TO RACE. If we have more than 20 teams registered, we will have a qualifying race. The qualifier will be Friday evening, the day before the race or Saturday morning. Exact time will be TBD depending on park capabilities and event schedule. (This will be determined depending on facility and schedule.)
  • The 11 drivers that raced in all 2016 races will not have to qualify for any races in 2017
  • For those competing in series points – Race teams are allowed two alternate drivers. Those drivers must be established prior to the first race of the season. Alternate drivers cannot have previously raced with MTS in 2017.

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